Own Wilt Chamberlain’s “Solid…Thick…Hard as a Rock” Wood

wilt-chamberlain-100To celebrate and honor the 50th anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain’s record-setting 100 point game, the Philadelphia 76’ers are planning one of the most awesome (and definitely unique) giveaways ever. The team will be playing the Golden State Warriors on March 2, the same date as Wilt’s game, and the 20,000 fans in attendance will each receive a 2″ x 2″ section (mounted on a plaque) of the actual floor on which Wilt scored 100 points.

Philadelphia’s head of Marketing Mark Gullett had been trying to come up with an appropriate celebration of the feat and when he discovered the floor still existed in storage in Hershey, PA, the team immediately purchased it. They intend to keep a piece for themselves to display at their practice center, as well as donating a piece to the Basketball Hall of Fame, with the rest headed to the lucky fans in attendance on March 2.

“It’s actually in incredible shape,” Gullett said. “We showed it to one of the carpenters and it’s solid, one-inch-thick oak, just hard as a rock, just in amazing condition, considering it’s been sitting there since sometime in the early ’70s.”

Chalk up another 20,000 people to soon take Wilt’s hard-as-a-rock wood. The man really is prolific. 

[Penn Live