NY Giants Players’ Parking Lot Broken Into, 1996 Chevy Caprice Stolen

While the New York Giants were across the country in the Bay Area to play the San Francisco 49'ers, the players' cars were safely ensconsed at the team's practice facility. Or at least that's what the players thought. Sometime between 4 and 4:20 am (420!) on Sunday the parking lot was broken into and several cars were burgled; the one belonging to defensive tackle Marvin Austin, a 1996 Chevy Caprice, was stolen.

Giants tight end Bear Pascoe remained positive about the unfortunate incident saying, "I think we have outstanding security. I think it's just something that happened and it is what it is."

Can't argue with that! The lot is nominally patrolled by a private security company and the lot is blocked off with a high fence and a gate (which apparently the thieves got around by breaking the lock.) Presumably this theft won't be featured in that private security company's next brochure…

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