Novak Djokovic Gets Marriage Proposal from 12-Year-Old Boy, Brings Him Onto the Court

Novak Djokovic received a marriage proposal from a teenage boy while the Serbian star was practicing prior to a US Open match and in a refreshing bit of non-homophobia and fan-friendliness, Djokovic was in fact quite excellent about it. 

Djokovic invited the approximately 12-year-old boy onto the court, handed him a racquet and had the lad take some serves while giving some tips and pointers. Afterwards, Djokovic gave the kid a big hug and led him off the court. The fans in attendance were cheering the boy on during his serves and he even received a marriage proposal of his own from an older woman when he returned to the stands. 

Djokovic went on to win his match handily. 

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