Nationals Clinch, Celebrate Properly

nationals-playoffsThe Washington Nationals officially clinched a playoff berth on Thursday night, the first for the franchise since relocating and overall, the first time since 1981 for the Expos/Nationals. This wasn’t a racuous, champagne-spraying affair like we’ve come to see in recent years. The Nationals recognize that they still have a long ways to go before they have something big to celebrate. 

Following their victory the team toasted with champagne, IN GLASSES(!), clinked their chalices and then, back to work.

“I have a much bigger picture in my mind,” Ian Desmond said. “We’re way beyond [celebrating a wild-card spot.]”

Congratulations to the Nats, they’ve played their asses off this season and deserve to be happy. I for one though am over-joyed that they have the right perspective and mindset. There’s plenty of time to celebrate later when they’ve won something for real. In the meantime, back to work.

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