Middle School Football Team Gets Penalty Flag…For the Band Playing Too Loudly

You might have heard, they take their high school football very seriously down in the Republic of Texas (see: Here, here, here, here, here, and here); they even take their MIDDLE school football very seriously it seems and nothing gets in the way of the action on the field, not even the school band.

The Hudson Middle School in Sachse, a suburb of Dallas, had the ball on offense and so the school band, sitting in the stands did what they would normally do, play music. That went against what the referee on the field thought was appropriate.

"He was shushing us," said 13-year-old trombone player Maegen Benavidez.

It went beyond simple homeroom "shushing" though, the ref ultimately through a flag on the band, penalizing the football team because the band was, in his impression, "too loud."

Not wanting to hurt their team, the band left before halftime.

Also leaving the stadium early, the ref. Told what had happened, a school athletics board spokesman said that they have asked for that referee to never be assigned to any future athletic event in the Garland school district.

Apparently there is an NCAA rule whereby bands can cause penalties to the team on the field but that is not the case in middle school football and, according to the spokesman, Chris Moore, never will be.

"This was a first," Moore said. "The first time in the history of the district. First and last time it happens here."

An exciting side-note, the Hudson Middle School's mascot? The Hawk. They're the Hudson Hawks! If Bruce Willis were still alive he'd be sure to find this exciting.