Los Angeles Lakers to Honor Actor from Airplane with a Statue

kareem-abdul-jabbar-airplaneThe Los Angeles Lakers have gone fully Hollywood; the Los Angeles Times is reporting that during the upcoming NBA season the team will unveil a statue depicting one of the stars of the hit slapstick comedy Airplane. Usually when teams erect statues outside their stadiums they do so to honor a former player, the Lakers have chosen instead to memorialize the work of the man who played co-pilot Roger Murdock, an otherwise relatively ignored actor named Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 

While Abdul-Jabbar never went on to large-scale success in the acting world—unless you count a guest appearance on Martin as “making it”—it’s still nice of the team to honor his contributions to the film world. 

The statue of the actor will join those of Jerry West, Oscar De La Hoya, Magic Johnson, Wayne Gretzky, and Chick Hearn that are already placed outside the Staples Center. 

I hope they have him doing the skyhook, because really anything else is unimaginable.

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