London Hot Olympian of the Evening: Brazil’s Ana Claudia Silva

ana-claudia-silvaTo honor the London Games and the athletes participating in them, The Slanch Report will be bringing you THRICE DAILY a Hot Olympian of the Day. Each day we will bring you three (likely unknown-to-you) Olympians who, while maybe not quite worthy of a place on the medal stand, certainly are worth being placed on a pedestal for us to enjoy. Celebrate them all on the Hot Olympians page.

Brazil is known for many things, unfortunately, it’s track and field team is not one of those things. Ana Claudia Silva participiated in the 200M and 4x100M relay races. Unfortunately, Silva, 23, was far off the medal stand. In the 200M she did not make the finals and Brazil finished 7th of eight positions in London. 

Better luck next time.

While I am completely overwhelmed by Silva’s muscles, I still can get down.

I’m that big a person. 

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