London Hot Olympian of the Afternoon: Australia’s Sarah Bombell

sarah-bombellTo honor the London Games and the athletes participating in them, The Slanch Report will be bringing you THRICE DAILY a Hot Olympian of the Day. Each day we will bring you three (likely unknown-to-you) Olympians who, while maybe not quite worthy of a place on the medal stand, certainly are worth being placed on a pedestal for us to enjoy. Celebrate them all on the Hot Olympians page.

Australian synchronized swimmer Sarah Bombell began the sport at the age of ten, now 29, she’s a two-time Olympian participating in the duets (with fellow Hot Olympian Eloise Amberger) and team competitions. On the national team since 2004, Bombell/Amberger finished in 7th in Beijing but won the bronze at the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

My only complaint is that the makeup and outfits the women are forced to wear for synchronized swimming do not allow the true hotness of these ladies to come through. I think synchronized swimming needs a beach volleyball uniform makeover.

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