Kordell Stewart Officially Retires (He Hasn’t Played Since 2005)

kordell-stewart-054The original Wildcat QB, Kordell “Slash” Stewart hasn’t played an NFL snap since the 2005 season, in 2008 he joined ESPN as an analyst but he never officially retired. 

On Wednesday, at the Pittsburgh Steelers team offices, Stewart announced his retirement. Of course, if you haven’t played in seven years that in and of itself announces your retirement…Um, Kordell, we all knew already.

The impetus for this move apparently came after Stewart’s father passed away in March and Kordell decided he needed closure. While Stewart played briefly for the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens, he said he remained a Steeler at heart, “This where it all started, this where all my success was,” Stewart said, “This was the closure I wanted to have and needed to have with my career.”

Finishing out his one-day contract with the Steelers, Stewart (finally) retires with a 46-29 record as a starter in Pittsburgh, along with a 2001 Pro Bowl appearance. 

[Penn Live