Josh Beckett Looks Like He Ate an Entire Popeye’s Franchise

Here’s a helpful tip to Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett: If your team’s last season ended like a disaster; there were endless reports about you being out of shape and staying in the clubhouse to eat Popeye’s fried chicken; AND if you’re being paid $15.75 million this season, maybe don’t show up looking like you’re a fatter David Wells…

Yikes. I think it’s safe to say Josh Beckett is NOT in the best shape of his life. You know, you’re allowed to work out in the offseason too…

It’s day two of spring training and I’m already ready to write the Sox off… Thanks Josh.

Oh, and WHY would the Red Sox even RELEASE this photo, look at those tits on Beckett! C’mon PR people!
[Boston Red Sox