It’s Always Sunny With Orioles Doppelgangers

Baltimore Orioles shortstop JJ Hardy has experienced the peaks and valleys of a major league baseball career. He's had remarkable offensive seasons (four years of 20+ HRs) and terrible ones (four years of sub .250 BAs), it was the latter that led to Milwaukee to give up on him and trade him to Minnesota and for the Twins to subsequently pass him along to the Orioles. Two things have remained consistent during Hardy's career: He always plays stellar defense and off the field he really has a terrible love of Ed Hardy-like clothes. 

Rob McElhenney is one of the creators and stars of the delightful It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia television program. A man who loves good comedy, McElhenney even gained a significant amount of weight prior to last season in order to provide a running bit for his program. 

Together, they're doppelgangers. 

JJ Hardy and Rob McElhenney

[H/T to Youppi]