Introducing the Newest Minor League Team: The Hillsboro Hops!

Formerly the Yakima Bears, the Single-A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks franchise is moving locations to Hillsboro, Oregon. As part of the move the team held a contest for a new name, the winner: Hops.

After all, what goes better together than baseball and beer (and don't give me any malarky about that shitacular "Hot dogs, baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet" commercial)?

The decision wasn't an easy one as there were over 400 submissions for potential new names before the team decided upon Hops. While the Hillsboro area itself is not known for its hops production, Oregon is second in the nation for its growing of hops for brewing.

Initially, the name alone didn't do it for me but seeing the logo designed and all, I'm into it.


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