Iditarod Musher Gets Nailed for Marijuana Violation

matt-giblinSad news out of Alaska as the Iditarod has stripped the 38th-place finish of Juneau musher Matt Giblin after he tested positive for marijuana. Giblin has the honor of being the first Iditarod competitor penalized under the drug testing policy that was enacted three years ago. 

Along with losing his status for finishing the 2012 Iditarod, Giblin must also repay the $1,049 prize he won. Giblin is appealing the ruling and insists he didn’t use marijuna “during the event.”

Considering that many Iditarod competitors (including top musher Lance Mackey—who smokes weed as part of his recovery from throat cancer) have reported natural hallucinations on the trail, I don’t see what harm smoking a couple blunts to your face can cause…

[Anchorage Daily News