High Schooler Nails a 67-Yard Field Goal With No Problem

The longest NFL field goal is 63 yard but on Thursday a Washington high schooler demolished that record booting a most-impressive 67(!!!) yard field goal to force overtime.

With the score 55-52, Central Valley High kicker Austin Rehkow attempted a field goal from his own 43-yard line! Amazingly, not only does he boot the ball through the middle of the uprights, he looks like he had some leg to go back a few more yards. 

Amazingly, that 67-yarder isn't the longest in football history, in 1985 a high schooler nailed a 68-yarder and two other kids have also knocked home 67-yard kicks. But still! Fucking impressive.

I particularly like how amped the left official is at calling the ball through, he looks so psyched just to have seen it happen.

Central Valley High went on to beat Shadle Park in OT, 62-55.

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