Good News 1%’ers! The America’s Cup Races Will be Televised

larry-ellison-americas-cup-trophyIt’s been since 1992 that yachting fans haven’t been able to properly watch the America’s Cup races on network television. Heeding the groundswell of populist rhetoric out there right now, NBC—those masters of programming a fourth-place network—have acquired the rights to the iconic yachting races.

The goal is to get more mainstream fans interested in yachting (a totally accessible and low-cost sport…) and NBC will take advantage of both their broadcast network and the nascent NBC Sports Network to air various legs of the races. 

Since 1992, the races have been only seen on elitist cable, now the masses will once more be graced with sloops and catamarans sailing through their dreams.

NBC also acquired the rights to the Louis Vuitton cup (SUCK IT POOR PEOPLE!) which will determine who gets to race the reigning champions, Oracle Racing and their billionaire backer Larry Ellison. 

The first race will be aired on July 1 and NBC didn’t have to pay a cent for the rights, merely ceding over first-rights to advertising revenue to the America’s Cup World Series organizers. 

And the rich get richer.

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And if you’re feeling left out and that you need a boat too, I recommend that you check out this law firm’s commercial which promises to get you a boat no matter what. (Which happens to feature a very dashing Slanch in it and is from my now sadly defunct sketch group.)