Fox News Rationally Weighs in on US Olympic Team Outfits, Berets

Fox News is usually the first place I turn to for fashion discussions, if anyone knows what works, it’s the pasty white crew of Fox & Friends. When Ralph Lauren released the US Olympic team outfits, I too was less than enthused by them but I didn’t turn it into a xenophobic rant. I’m better than that. 

Fox is not.

The talking bags of sand begin by being upset that the US team is wearing berets (I am too, but not because they’re French but because they’re LAME!) with talking-failed-abortion Gretchen Carlson saying: “Huh? Is this the new American trend now? …And you have to pronounce it that way, too. That’s the French way.”

Because clearly the Olympians are ALWAYS on the cutting edge of fashion. Ugh. And yes, you do have to say it “buh-rey” BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE FUCKING CALLED! I have a hunch that Carlson until recently called them like “ber-ettes” until someone corrected her and she’s never recovered from saying a French word. 

The idiocy continues with douchey Steve Doocy asking “Big question is, though, should the American team be wearing a beret? Why not a baseball cap? Why not a cowboy hat like we had when we went to Calgary. Or why not do something very American and go topless?” Indeed. That IS the big question. 

I especially appreciate how the hosts complain that the Ralph Lauren clothes are expensive when A) they’re all sitting there in like $1000 suits, B) Fox News viewers have a median income of over $60,000.

Fucking white people.