Ford Gets Le Mans Trophy Back 45 Years Later

edsel-ford-le-mans-trophyAll the way back in 1967 the Shelby-Ford racing team won its second (of ultimately four-straight) championship at the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans race. I too was shocked to learn that they had cars all the way back in such ancient historical times. 

The 1967 team stands out from the other Shelby-Ford winners because it was (and remains) the only all-American team to ever win the grueling endurance race, being driven by Dan Gurney and AJ Foyt, and with Carroll Shelby setting the car up himself.

Following Ford’s decision to pull out of Le Mans in 1970, the winning 1967 trophy remained with a private individual until now when it was been returned to Ford via Edsel Ford II (left) who sits on the car company’s board.

(On a side note, after his name became synonymous with one of the biggest disasters in auto making history—ahead even of this one—how in good conscience did Edsel Ford I give his SON the same name? That’s some messed up parenting.)

The trophy will join the Ford Mark IV that won the 1967 race—one of the prettiest toys in the Henry Ford Museum—and is being carefully restored by museum curators. 

“It’s great to have this trophy back 45 years after the historic win,” said Ford. “It gives us hope that one of these days the greatest missing artifact in our company’s racing history—my great-grandfather’s punch bowl trophy from 1901—may someday be found as well.”

The trophy is cool (and I’m BREATHLESSLY awaiting the return of great grandpa’s punch bowl), and it’s nice that Ford has it back to share with the public, but for my money, give me the car. That’s one sweet ride. 

That car is pure sex.