Fan Ditches Baby to Meet Andrew McCutchen

Pirates-Fan-Abandons-Infant-To-Get-Autograph_BPThere’s excitement in Pittsburgh for the first time in practically forever for the Pirates and that’s thanks in no small part to the blossoming of Andrew McCutchen into a full-blown superstar. How big of a star is McCutchen? Big enough that people are abandoning their children just to get his signature. 

On Monday McCutchen was at an autograph signing event when he noticed one fan who had ditched his infant in a stroller in an effort to get Andrew’s signature. The move was not unnoticed by the Pirates star, who tweeted “That jus aint right…u left ur baby to get an autograph?wow”. 

McCutchen also confirmed that there WAS a baby in the stroller and that it wasn’t empty. 

When people are willing to ditch their newborns for an opportunity to be near you, you’re officially a star. 

[The Post Game