Falcons Rookie Chop Blocks Defensive Star

adam-nissleyUpon starting a new job it is understandable that anyone would strive to make a big impression right away. However, there are better ways of going about it then almost injuring one of the higher paid defensive stars on your football team. This is a lesson that Atlanta Falcons undrafted rookie tight end Adam Nissley learned the hard way during minicamp practice.

During Tuesday’s practice defensive end John Abraham was less than pleased when Nissley gave him a low block, troubling any time from a teammate but even more so during the no-contact practices of minicamp. Furious, Abraham ripped Nissley’s helmet off and screamed “What the fuck is wrong with you?” at the presumably terrified rookie before teammates separated the two men.

Considering Abraham is the second highest-paid player on the Falcons and Nissley a lowly UDFA, my suggestion in the future is that if Nissley wants to have a productive NFL career he should avoid chop blocking his big-money teammates…

[Pro Football Talk]