End of Season Cubs Tickets are Selling for Peanuts

If you're in the Chicago area and looking for a cheap date night activity, consider the friendly ivied confines of Wrigley Field. Despite having already lost 100 games, the Chicago Cubs are not the worst team in basebal—or even in their division! That honor falls on the lowly Houston Astros who currently sit at with an anemic record of 54-106. 

In a bit of scheduling kismet, the Cubs are set to finish their season out against the Astros at home. But the fans, they aren't so interested it seems. Usually major league baseball games cost a significant amount of money to go to but tickets for these final few games on StubHub are cheaper than the ride on the CTA to and from the game.

Tickets for only $1.83!!!! That's crazy!

Even crazier? That actually represents a price HIKE; earlier, tickets were available for under $0.90…

Go Cubs!