Eli Manning TOPLESS! (Now We See Why He Always Wears a Shirt…)

Now a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback (blech! I definitely just threw up in my mouth at having to write those words), Eli Manning is taking advantage of his last few free weeks before he has to get back to the grind of offseason workouts and practices. On vacation with his wife and daughter in Miami, Eli may be a winner but he doesn’t look it. 

I’m not saying that Eli needs to be completely jacked (ala LaRon Landry), he IS only the quarterback after all, but it looks like Eli has been enjoying the banquet circuit after his second championship a bit too much…

He looks like just another dough-y, weird faced white guy, not a world famous professional athlete. Here’s a pro tip Eli: Try mixing in a salad every now and then. 

Although the little red bucket DOES make for a cute, alternative, purse…

[Pop Sugar via Sportress of Blogitude