Dolphins Fans Protest, Florida Panthers Trawl for New Fans

dolphins-fans-protestingIn an offseason which featured the greatest quarterback to ever be an out-and-out free agent, the Miami Dolphins, a team desperate for a quality signal-caller have signed…David Garrard? That’s it?


No wonder then that Dolfans gathered outside the team’s offices and training facility to protest the lack of movement from the once proud franchise. 

Between 20-30 people spent the better part of two hours outside, holding signs, yelling vociferously (particularly for the team to fire GM Jeff Ireland.)

“We’re just basically tired of mismanagement within the Dolphins organization,” Rob Rutolo, a season-ticket holder said. “It seems like every year they’re all over a place. Once again, we don’t have a team. Instead of working on getting the team more solid, it seems like they keep busting up what we have.”

Sensing some potential new fans, two opportunistic Florida Panthers sales reps stopped by with business cards to hand out to the fans in attendance, hoping to lure the grid-iron fans over to the rink instead. 

I like the gumption. Whoever their boss is should give them a bonus.

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