Dad Goes for Foul Ball While Holding His Napping Kid

I’m a heavy sleeper, my first time in California there was an earthquake in the middle of the night and I slept completely through it. However, this little Cincinnati Reds fan has me beat. Apparently tuckered out from the afternoon game, he opts to take a nap in his dad’s arms. Sounds nice!

Then Jay Bruce has to throw a monkey wrench into the whole affair, hitting a home run right to dad. Still holding his son in his arms, the father tries and just misses the catch, but he does hang onto the kid the whole time, so that’s something. 

Even after the homer, as fireworks and Bon Jovi blare the little fella stays asleep. Unfortunately, the dad doesn’t end up with the ball, maybe if SOMEONE had gone to bed at his proper bedtime the night before instead of staying up to watch another episode of iCarly the family would have a sweet home run ball…