Colombian Striker Threatened His Teammates with a Paintball Gun

teo-gutierrezOn Saturday Teofilo Gutierrez was a member of Racing Club, a soccer team in Argentina’s Primera Division; by the end of the day though he was no longer on the squad. 

After scoring his club’s only goal, the Colombian born striker was subsequently sent off the pitch in the 67th minute for insulting the ref. At the time his team was only down 2-1 and his absence Racing Club with only 9 players on the field.

Despite having a nose for the goal (22 goals in 35 matches) it seems that Gutierrez’s teammates had tired of his antics and accosted him in the locker room following the match.

Unhappy with being confronted, Gutierrez did the only rational thing, threatening to shoot his teammates with a paintball gun. That did not go over well with the club’s management. 

“Teo will no longer be part of the professional squad,” club president Gaston Cogorno told reporters.

I don’t know why the team is all upset, they brought Gutierrez in to shoot early and often. What team does he think he is on, the Washington Wizards?

[Dirty Tackle]