Charlie Sheen Gets Pissed After Being Denied Reentry for Kings Game

charlie-sheen-staples-centerCharlie Sheen attended Wednesday’s Stanley Cup game in LA because when you’re insanely rich you can choose to join any team’s bandwagon and come to championship games on a whim. Unfortunately, Wild Thing retains some of the anger that led to him playing in the California penal league and got into an altercation with a Staples Center security guard. 

It seems Mr. Sheen stepped out of the arena for a quick smoke but when he tried to get back in he was thwarted by the security staff and the no-reentry rule. In a poor example of killing with kindness Sheen loudly ejaculated at the security guard “You know what?  Fucking blow my balls, alright, you fucking asshole.” (Video here

Strangely that didn’t help his cause.

Daunted, Sheen slunk off (angrily) to the parking lot and left, missing the end of the game. Showing that his sports mastery knows no end, to (I guess?) taunt the guard Sheen tossed a “Go Thunder!” cheer over his shoulder. 

So yeah, take THAT Kings fans, Charlie is rooting for the Thunder to win the Cup.