Cardinals Fan Hangs Dong, Streaks the Field

cardinals-streaker-001Sportscasters love to call St. Louis Cardinals fans the best in sports; I suppose because they’re so genteel and friendly and because they don’t engage in the shenanigans that you see elsewhere. For instance, you’d never see some nut jump on the field at Busch Stadium and get tackled by security. They don’t do THAT in the mid-west. 

Well, until Thursday that is.

A well-liquored up fan (surprising at a stadium named for a BEER) ripped off his clothes and hopped onto the field, evading capture briefly, hanging dong completely, before security and police were able to corral him and wrestle him to the grass. Of course, if you were watching the game on TV, they show none of it. They’ll talk about it, they’ll reminisce about other times they’ve seen streakers, Bob Costas will sermonize about it, but will they show it? Never! 

I agree with Joe Sports Fan, everyone just goes to Twitter (I did) and elsewhere and sees it and the TV broadcasts lose that traffic. And I also agree that people would be far more likely to be dissuaded by seeing the security forces just get viscious on the streaker than having the guys in the booth pretend they’re on a moral high ground.

Anyhoo, here’s some video (another after the jump), some images and one special NSFW one (after the jump) of man-junk flapping in the wind. God bless!


Mostly though I just appreciate that this guy went fully naked, it’s not STREAKING if you’re wearing a body suit or whatever. 

[Joe Sports Fan