Brooklyn Cyclones to Hold Hipster Night at the Ballpark

sandy-seagull-brooklyn-cyclonesLiving in Brooklyn is fraught with danger: Hipsters lurk on nearly every corner. Now, in an effort apparently to gather these too-cool-for-schoolers all in one place, the Brooklyn Cyclones are hosting a special hipster night at the ballpark on July 5.

Termed Williamsburg Night— the home-base of the NYC hipster set—anyone with a beard will receive “special vouchers,” there will be a skinny jeans run around the bases after the game, and Williamsburg musicians and artists will be there too.

And if baseball isn’t really your bag (or you were totally into it in the 90s and have now moved on) there will also be a Skeeball tournament. 

If THIS can’t get hipsters to the ballpark nothing short of a Modest Mouse appearance will.