Boxer Gets Arrested When the FBI Match His DNA to a Bank Robbery

martin-tucker-boxerIn April, boxer Martin Tucker won over Devarise Crayton in a junior welterwight match that was otherwise unremarkable; it turned out to be a Pyhrric victory for Tucker though (and not just because he was fighting in Toledo, Ohio.)

An FBI agent was at the fight, keeping tabs on Tucker who was a suspect in a 2009 Michigan bank robbery. Seeing an opportunity, the g-man grabbed a Q-Tip that had been up Tucker’s nose and sent it off to the lab. The DNA on the swab allegedly matched that found in a ski mask abandoned after the robbery. 

Tucker was arrested last week and will have to come to terms that his return to boxing (the win over Crayton was Tucker’s first in seven years) may lead to several years in prison.

[Boxing Scene via The Big Lead]