Big Boobed Sorority Coed Appeals to “Jerry Linn” to Be Her Date to the Formal…

The Jeremy Lin insanity seems to have no signs of slowing down—people seem to forget that he still plays for the KNICKS (who still suck) but whatever. He’s become so popular thanks to social networking and Twitter where he is instantly celebrated. It seems there were enough mentions of Lin in order to reach one Angie, a Kappa Delta sorority girl at Florida State University. 

So, in one of the most hilariously inaccurate YouTube videos ever, she appeals to “Jerry Linn” who she thinks maybe plays for the NY Giants and let’s him know that A) she likes winners, b) she “REALLY” likes black guys, c) she wants to bang his black, football playing ass for hours. And he’s also invited to be her date to the Kappa Delta formal.

This has to be fake right? Like, no one is THIS much of a gold-digger AND at the same time so incredibly stupid right? I’m sure she’ll live the dream of someday being an athlete’s fine road beef… 

I’m just in awe of how incredibly bad this is. But reach out to her, @xoxoangieangel and let her know yourself.

[Barstool Sports NYC