Alabama Fan Gets Giant Crimson Tide Tattoo, Didn’t Even Go to the School

College sports are fucking dumb. Fans of college sports are even worse. Fans of college sports who didn’t even GO TO THE SCHOOL? Well they have to be among the worst people in the history of the world.

Zach Smartt is one such fan who definitely does not live up to his name. A lifelong fan of the University of Alabama, Smartt spent 10.5 hours and 1,700 money dollars to get a giant elephant rolling through a swirl of crimson water.

“Cool man.”

Here’s my question for Smartt, if you’re such an Alabama fan, why did you attend Middle Tennessee State? I don’t care if your grandfather was a big Alabama fan, unless YOU personally go to the college I don’t think you should be allowed to root for the team. In the rules of fandom, that one seems pretty easy. 

America would be a lot better without all the stupid fucking people. 

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