Yachtsman Booted for Boarding Media Ship During Race

ben-ainslie-054Famed yachtsman and three-time Olympic gold medal winner Ben Ainslie was participating in the World Yachting Championships in Perth, Australia on Saturday when, irate at a media boat that he felt was blocking his path, he jumped out of his boat and swam to the offending craft. After boarding that boat, verbally abusing the captain and crew, Ainslie was hauled in front of the International Sailing Federation for a disciplinary hearing.

The 9-time world champ was fortunate to escape a two-year ban—which would have held him out of the Olympics in his home country this summer—but did receive a ban for the rest of the Perth regatta, missing out on the chance for a 10th championship.

For his part, while saying that his actions were in the wrong, Ainslie still blamed the offending media boat for blocking his way, and also lashed out at the ISF for their “massive overreaction.”

[The Sun