Terrell Owens is Broke (But Gets Paid Thousands to Tweet)

terrell-owens-cryingIt’s not surprising that Terrell Owens isn’t playing in the NFL any longer, his performance last season was the very definition of mediocrity and all the headaches and circus surrounding him just simply aren’t worth it when you can get an undrafted free agent who plays at least as well. 

Unfortunately for TO, even though the game checks have stopped coming, his extravagent spending has not ceased. 

In court these days dealing with a child support case, TO has claimed he can’t pay his baby mama’s lawyer fees because he himself is broke.

That in and of itself is not very interesting but one of the details that has come out during these hearings is that TO is making bank from Twitter. Having nearly 1.1 million followers, TO has leveraged them into getting paid real money for tweets, TO claims that he can make between $2,400 – 6,400 per Tweet! He scored $2,800 to tweet for a football glove company, $4,800 for tweeting on behalf of Old Navy and $6,400 for tweeting about Fantapper. Not bad!

However, since TO is still spending upwards of $80K a MONTH on his personal expenses (plus another $44K in various child support payments) and has limited to no new income coming in, he finds himself now pleading poverty.

Hey TO, I promise you that you can live life on ONLY $40 grand a month in spending. It’ll be hard but I know you can do it.