Sweden Produces Hot Women

Because of the holiday (and my own laziness) I didn’t get to posting any new hot World Cup women, well, I’m here to rectify that mistake today.

Sweden’s Josefine Öqvist is soon to turn 28 (she’s born one day and a year later than myself) and scored the deciding goal to send the Swedes to the 2003 Women’s World Cup final. Injured during the 2007 iteration, she’s back and ready to go this year. Following their win 1-0 over the North Koreans she made headlines when she went over to the crowd and exchanged her uniform with a fan in the stands. 


Also, when she’s featured for glamour mags she’s way hot. Although Photoshop is clearly her friend. That said, I ain’t complaining.

Fun! Looks like her tryout for the Swedish Bikini Team is going well.

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