Streaker Sets off Brawl at Football Game

College football fan Jace Lankow (@whoisjacen) (by the way, get a REAL name, hippy) decided he wanted to become a larger part of the story behind the University of Arizona’s drubbing of UCLA. With only seconds remaining in the first half, and Arizona already up 42-7, Lankow somehow gets to field level, clad in an imitation ref’s uniform. Then, when the play is whistled dead he comes out of nowhere from the sidelines to try and get the ball from one of the other refs on the field. With that not an option, Lankow books it towards one end of the field, stripping off his shirt and pants to reveal his Speedo underneath. Since his Twitter avatar is him in that Speedo, I think it’s fair to say this was not a spontaneous decision. 

Although it is one he should regret based on the pummeling he receives from the security forces when they put him to the ground, and then keep him there.

Of course, his actions had further consequences, they somehow touched off a brawl between the two teams. Ultimately, it wasn’t very much fun, becoming mostly just 12,000 people on the field milling about acting tough. But STILL!

I’m all for streaking and nakedness and such, I just find it hard to believe that the end result is ever truly worth it at a sports event; you’re going to get CREAMED by the security people, you’re going to get arrested and you’re going to get banned. To me, not a fair trade-off.