Sparano Tells the Refs “I’m Getting Fired”

tony-sparano-045The deluge of cameras and microphones on football means that now more than ever the action on the field, and the sounds of the game, are captured. Take Tony Sparano, head coach of the hapless Miami Dolphins (and their now 0-6 record) who was desperately trying to appeal to the refs to take a look at a 4th quarter touchdown from Demaryius Thomas that helped the Broncos get close and ultimately win the game in OT. 

CBS’ cameras caught Sparano on the sidelines telling the refs, “If I don’t call timeout we’re all (explicit). Now I’m getting fired.” Ultimately, the Dolphins were forced to burn a timeout so that the refs could take extra time to decide to review the play, which ultimately stood.

But Sparano was right, he IS going to be fired, presumably immediately after the season ends and his team finishes 0-16 or 1-15. 

[Sun Sentinel