Something Blue: Bride Makes Wedding Dress from ManCity Kits

Fan is short for fanatic because when it comes to sports merchandise, true fanatics can’t help themselves and need to wear team logoed clothing no matter what the circumstance.

Karen Bell, a fan of Manchester United, was poised to marry her fellow ManCity fan/fiancee Simon, but she didn’t quite have the right bridal wear. Strangely, the team didn’t market branded wedding dresses.

So she did the only thing that made sense, spend six nights a week at her sewing machine using Simon’s old ManCity kits to put together a (woefully tacky) customized wedding dress. “It was a labour of love,” she said.

It’d have been better if she just didn’t…(Although very impressive work for a home sew job.)

The couple couldn’t have been happier though and, instead of immediately jetting off following their ceremony, headed over to the stadium to watch their boys take on (and beat) Stoke City. 

[Manchester Evening News via Dirty Tackle