Ref Calls Off Soccer Match After Taking Umbrella to the Face

granada-mallorca-ref-hit-with-umbrellaAh soccer fans! During league play between Granada and Mallorca of the Spanish La Liga, with nearly 30 minutes remaining in the match the referee order both teams and his linesman off the pitch due to the actions of the fans in attendance. 

It seems one of the linesman received an unexpected—and presumably unwelcome—umbrella to the face after one of the Granada fans hurled it his way. 

“It was really an act of bad luck,” said Granada coach Fabri Gonzalez.

“The poor lad still had the handle in his hand and it seems he lost control.”

The errant umbrella caused blood to pour down the unlucky linesman’s cheek, prompting the referee to clear the field, and after a 20 minute interval, it was announced that Granada won the game by default, 2-1. It was a fortunate case of escaping with the win for Granada who, back in La Liga after 35 years of relegation are poised to go right back down if their season continues in this manner. 

The beautiful game indeed…