Philly’s Lacrosse Team to Use Twitter Handles on Jersey Instead of Real Names

philly-wings-twitter-jerseyIn a move to show how hip and with it they are, the National Lacrosse League announced that for a February 12 game, the Philly Wings will become the first sports team to have the players’ Twitter handles on the backs of their uniforms instead of their names in an effort to “help increase engagement and awareness for use of the social media tool.”

Because the biggest problem that the NLL (a league no one knows or cares about) faces is that people don’t know that Twitter exists…

Quick, name ONE other NLL franchise… Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

To aid in the process, the Wings are requiring all players to create a Twitter account and will hold “formal Twitter training sessions prior to the start of the season.” After all, why bother with actually PRACTICING lacrosse…

The uniforms following the game will be auctioned off to support the American Cancer Society, so at least SOME good will come from all this.

I just hope that the players create names like @BallsforDays, @LongStickLong…, @PocketPunisher, @MyBallsRHard, or @StrokeMyShaft.

 [National Lacrosse League]