Paulina Gretzky Shows Off the Family’s Christmas Card

Wayne Gretzky had the good sense to marry Janet Jones back in 1988 and the two have had five gorgeous children together. Second eldest (hipster glases) son Trevor was a 2011 draft pick of the Chicago Cubs, and then, of course, there is Paulina, the Gretzky’s oldest (and hottest) child. Garnering more than a bit of Internet attention thanks to her hot photos of herself on Twitter, Paulina in recent months has quit and rejoined the Twitterverse several times at the behest of her dad who apparently isn’t psyched with strange men the world over ogling his daughter. 


Anyhoo, she’s back on Twitter these days and on Christmas Tweeted out an Instagram holiday photo of the whole Gretzky clan that has to be seen to be believed. (Also, if you have been in a coma for the last five years that last sentence is complete gobbledygook.)

That family looks so kick-ass! Look at the sass coming off the youngest kids, Tristan and Emma! Paulina obviously just looks like she could cause the photo to catch fire from her hotness, Trevor looks like Timberlake and older brother Ty looks like he has a date rape to get back to and this photo is impinging on his day. Meanwhile, lumberjack Gretzky and his wife soldier on. 

That is one attractive family.

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