NICKELBACK to Play Detroit Thanksgiving, Good God WHY?

nickelback-002The city of Detroit has suffered for years, the local economy is basically non-existent, the once powerful auto industry is moribund and some suburbs are removing light poles because they can’t pay their power bills. In short, things suck there.

Except, somehow (mostly the deep pockets of Mike Illitch) the sports scene in Detroit is thriving. The Red Wings are perennial contenders, the Tigers had a resurgent season and the Lions are one of the top NFC teams. All is well!

Except apparently the city-fathers want to continue kicking the populace in the nuts. As the halftime entertainment for what is shaping to be one of the best games of the season (Packers/Lions) the fans will be “treated” to a performance by Nickelback. BLECH!

Appreciating how sincerely awful that sounds, some Detroit fans have started a petition to get Nickelback removed from the stage.

Finally, an Internet petition well worth signing. Please pledge your support!

The good people of Detroit have suffered enough, they don’t deserve this further indignity. 

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