Michael Jordan Likes to Show Off His Rings

michael-jordan-golf-bagThere’s this guy who used to play professional basketball, he ended up winning six championships and retired with the well-earned title of Greatest of All Time, his name, Michael Jordan. You might have heard of him.

These days, with the NBA in a lockout, the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats has plenty of time for his other love, golf. If you find yourself in a foursome with Jordan (trust me, it’s far better than being in one with Tiger…) you won’t have any trouble distinguishing his bag from any of the others around you. That’s because Jordan features replicas of all six of his championship rings (just below his own iconic Air Jordan logo), you know, in case you happened to forget that he is the best basketball player ever. 

Then again, this is a man who is singlehandedly trying to bring the Hitler-stache back, and no one says boo to him so who am I to judge. He’s Michael fucking Jordan.

[Devil Ball Golf