Jeter Surprises Young Crime Victim With Gifts (the Same Ones He Gives to His Conquests!)

derek-jeter-signing-autographsBack in October of 2010 a man randomly attacked and stabbed an 8-year-old at a restaurant in Westbury, NY and early this fall that man was sentenced to jail-time by a Nassau County (Long Island) judge.

Following the sentencing the judge, Jerald Carter, spoke with the boy’s mother who was concerned about her son who had become (understandably) traumatized after the incident. “Who is your son’s favorite athlete?” he asked.

“Derek Jeter,” she replied.

The boy’s choice was fortunate because Carter it turns out was a college teammate and friend of Jeter’s father, Charles.

Several weeks later the boy received a special package which contained “a signed baseball, an autographed photo of Jeter, a Yankees teddy bear, a magnet, and a copy of ‘Derek Jeter’s All-Star Manual: 10 Life Lessons.'”

All of which was really nice of Jeter (or his assistant) to do; he certainly didn’t have to. The boy’s mother later took him back to Judge Carter to thank him for all that he did, during that visit the judge had one more present: in the spring Jeter would like to host the boy in his private box for a Yankee game. Sweet! That has got to be totally awesome for the now 9-year-old boy.

I think this is a really great and wonderful story.

Except for one thing. These gifts to the boy sound EXACTLY like the gift baskets Jeter gives to the ladies he bangs and then sends home the next day. C’mon Derek, do more for the kid than just what your road (and home) beef get!

I mean, the tickets are a good start but c’mon Jeter, just because the boy is closer in age to the women you’re banging than you are doesn’t mean he should get the same gift basket…