High School Teams Jacks 103 3-Pointers, loses by 84

three-point-recordThe Danville (Iowa) High School boys basketball team finished their undefeated season by straight up crushing their West Burlington opponents, 109-25. But it was the losers who set the real record in the game. West Burlington head coach Vern Reed insists his squad hoisted up 103 three point attempts during the game, which would set a national high school record. 

All told, the team made 8(!!!) of their trey attempts. 8! 8-103? That’s a robust 8% shooting percentage. That’s not a great way to be successful. 

Other than one foul shot, all of West Burlington’s scoring came via the downtown shot. 

Considering how many misses they had, and their opponents demolishing them on the other end, why not try driving to the lane and going for a layup? Or even a just a post-up fifteen foot jumper? Clearly the long-distance game wasn’t effective. I do respect the fact that the boys kept heaving the ball up despite an epic amount of failure. 

“We were hoping that coming in averaging 24 or so percent (on 3-pointers), we could make 24 or 25. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but all you can do is try. The kids were excited and got after it, and my hat’s off to them,” Reed said after the contest. 

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