Golf Cart on the Loose in Cowboys Stadium, Hungers for Blood

After a high school championship game at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, as people milled about on the field prior to the trophy awarding, the festivities were interrupted by a runaway golf cart.


It seems one of the field pylons, when being tossed into the cart, somehow found itself lodged in such a way as to force the accelerator down and no one was safe from its murderous rage. Or at least as murderous as a golf cart can get…

And in case you’re wondering, that’s Spring (TX) Dekaney high’s head coach, Willie Amendola (father of St. Louis Rams receiver Danny Amendola) fresh off winning a championship who got swept up into the seat of the cart, who tried (unsuccessfully) to steer the cart out of the path of pedestrians before opting to just bail instead. 

Texas is a crazy, crazy place.