Fear the Beard Impersonators

The San Francisco Giants can’t go anywhere without people talking about their closer, the ever-eccentric Brian Wilson. Just as Johnny Damon became a national celebrity thanks to his caveman beard and long hair, Wilson has gone from just another guy to a national phenomenon, complete with President Obama even calling him out at a recent visit to the White House. 

Of course, the fans in San Francisco have embraced their bizarre bullpen buddy, with one fan doing an homage to Wilson by arriving at this past Sunday’s game against the Phillies in full Wilson regalia, including the spandex body-suit tuxedo that Wilson wore to the ESPY’s.

The fan in question, DJ Silva, does an EXPERT job of impersonating Wilson; this is really, really well done. However, I’m more concerned about something else in this photo, the smoking hot blonde in the upper left corner. Having watched the broadcast, when they showed the gentleman on TV he was sitting next to her which leads me to believe that she might be his girlfriend. 

Hot DAMN. I have GOT to move out to SF and SOON. Seriously, there are girls that are similarly hot here in NYC but if you don’t have six-figures in the bank, good luck getting them to talk to you. But out west? Everyone is laid back. And hopefully getting laid. I mean, c’mon, I’m at least as charming as Silva. I write a SPORTS BLOG for Christ’s sake. 

[Larry Brown Sports