Darts Requires Fitness? Since When?

phil-taylorWhen it comes to darts champions, the first thing that comes to my mind is their fitness. After all, it isn’t easy to just stand in one place for several moments and then throw a several ounce dart. Plus, sometimes you need to be drinking a pint too! That shit is HARD!

So, it is little surprise that world champion dart-ist Phil “The Power” Taylor, after divorcing his wife of 23 years is now stepping out with his fitness instructor, Laura Church (that’s the happy couple in the photo). After all, they must be spending endless hours together every week as he works hard on developing the proper form to toss a beer pretzel from the bar into his mouth.  

Apprently, in England this is big news, because you know, darts matters…

I’m more bothered by what need a professional darts-man needs with a fitness instructor. Are there special darts-specific exercises? 

Then again, Taylor has made over £10M in his pro career, so maybe I’m the idiot here…

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, the British are STARVED for real sports. 
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