Cowboys Cheerleader Forced to Take Down Twitter Account After Player Tackles Her

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten must not like when people root for him. On Thursday while trying to corral ANOTHER wobbly hard-to-grab Tony Romo pass, Jason Witten managed to also take out one of the women who are supposed to be cheering for him; I guess he doesn’t care for positive reinforcement. 

The cheerleader in question, Melissa Kellerman, turned out to be unhurt by the collision, even showing a good sense of humor about it Tweeting:


However, while Kellerman didn’t have any issue with the tackle it seems someone up in the Cowboys organization did, forcing Kellerman to DELETE her Twitter account. As though millions of people on national television DIDN’T just watch her get creamed by a 6’5″ 260 lb dude only to get up and laugh about it. What a JERK!

Thank GOD the Cowboys went about rectifying this GROSS misconduct. Are they sure deleting her Twitter account is enough though? I’m not SAYING they should take her out to the desert and bury her in a shallow grave—obviously I’m not SAYING it, I might TYPE it though…—but it’s not the WORST idea…

[Dose of Gossip