Charlie Sheen is a Juicer

charlie-sheen-major-leagueIt’s been 22 years since the best baseball movie ever made was first on the big screen, and so, because we all know 22 is such an important anniversary, Sports Illustrated took a walk down memory lane and found out some interesting information about the making of the movie. 

For example, in a SHOCKING revelation, Charlie Sheen took drugs during the filming. But they weren’t his usual funtimes cocktail (or hell, he probably was having those too) but in fact he was JUICING. Strange, I don’t remember Jose Canseco outing Sheen…

Sheen: I didn’t like the haircut because it generated so many comments in bars. I’ve got enough of that already. Add that to the mix and it’s a recipe for a fistfight. I was already bitchy because—let’s just say that I was enhancing my performance a little bit. It was the only time I ever did steroids. I did them for like six or eight weeks. You can print this, I don’t give a f—. My fastball went from 79 to like 85. 

I thought Ricky Vaughn threw 101! I can’t believe the movies lied to me!

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