CC Sabathia Takes on Hooters

canz-workersIf there’s one thing besides pitching that CC Sabathia knows, it’s eating. So, it’s not too surprising to hear that he’s investing some of his dirty Yankees money in a restaurant—no matter what he does though there will always be a taint on that money. 

The restaurant, known locally simply as “Canz” is a small outfit looking to compete with Hooters. Get it, Canz, Hooters. Women are objects.

“CC and I have been friends for years,” said Steven Ferraro, who founded the brand with partner Tim Lorito. “This is a business venture for him. His two passions are food and sports, so this is a good fit.”

The restaurant, located in Murray Hill, is hoping to take on the booberific Hooters brand and come out on top, no small order. But then, CC is no small man.

At the same time, if these ladies are the best the restaurant has to offer, Canz isn’t going to last. 


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