Bartolo Goes From 180-250 Overnight

bartolo-colon-dominican-republicThe big news out Yankees camp so far has been about weight; first CC Sabathia reported having lost over 25 pounds, then Joba Chamberlain became the size of a hut by adding over 25 pounds to his already husky frame. 

Then was the most surprising and amazing news yet, Bartolo Colon, who never saw a buffet table that he would pass up, was listed initially by the Yankees at 185 pounds, a weight he hasn’t sniffed probably since he was about 9 years old. Horrifically, in just under 24 hours, Bartolo Colon has gained over 65 pounds after the Yankees listed him at 250 pounds (which is still probably pretty generous). 

That must have been a hell of a dinner last night.

[Wallace Matthews